Professor Odette Honorary Symposium

Professor Odette is a Distinguished Professor (Emeritus) of Materials and Mechanical engineering at UCSB, He received a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from MIT in 1970, and joined the UCSB faculty that same year, where he has been ever since. His MS project was to measure the damage rate produced by 14 MeV D-T fusion neutrons compared to that in a fission reactor spectrum, using a very sensitive internal friction technique. Thus Professor Odette’s research on fusion materials has spanned over 50 years. The general theme of his research is predicting and enhancing the performance of structural alloys used in long-term service in hostile service environments.  These environments include nuclear fission and fusion reactors, high temperature hypersonic aerospace conditions, and fossil energy systems. Professor Odette retired from teaching in 2014 but remains active in research. He admits that the rumor that he has “flunked” retirement is probably true. Indeed. Professor Odette looks forward to three more years in the fusion materials program.