A very strong and comprehensive tutorial program is planned for Sunday, October 27, 2019. These valuable tutorials will be free of charge, and are open to all registered conference attendees. They will cover all aspects of fundamental and applied research on fusion reactor materials from a pedagogical perspective. The tutorials are taught by 9 world experts on the fundamental materials science of fusion materials, advanced methods of material characterization, and putting it all together in the “Materials-Design” applied area. Details are provided in the links below.

  1. Multiscale Modeling
    1. Scope      Multiscale Modeling
    2. Lecturers
      1. Dr. Sergei Dudarev   Dudarev
      2. Professor Jaime Marian  Marian
      3. Professor Giacomo Po   Po
  2. Materials-Design Integration
    1. Scope  Materials-Design Integration
    2. Lecturers
      1. Dr. Eberhard Diegele   Diegele
      2. Dr. Hiroyasu Tanigawa   Tanigawa
  3. Advanced Materials Characterization
    1. Scope Advanced Materials Characterization
    2. Lecturers
      1. Professor Sosuke Kondo Kondo
      2. Dr. Chad M. Parish Parish  
      3. Professor David Sprouster Sprouster
      4. Dr. Philip D Edmondson Edmondson


Parish Presentation

Dudarev Tutorial Slides

Marian Tutorial Slides